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RACO Data Protection and Privacy Policy

With the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), RACO recently updated its own Data Protection and Privacy Policy to reflect the necessary changes and new rights of Data Subjects. The RACO Team takes its relationship with its membership very seriously and wishes to vindicate it data subjects' rights by transparently retaining and processing personal data, while at the same time, endeavouring to maintain our members trust and confidence by complying with the legislation. We appreciate that there is a significant amount of detail in the GDPR and our Data Protection & Privacy Policy. To this end, we have summarised the intent of our Data Protection and Privacy Policy as;

Summary of Intent

RACO only retains personal data freely given to given it by members and does not further process or share this data with third parties outside of the scope of representation or the C&A Scheme. RACO will meet its obligation under the relevant Data Protection legislation, maintain trust with its membership and ultimately assert data subjects rights by only;

  • Obtaining and processing information and personal data fairly,
  • Retaining personal data only for specified, explicit and lawful purposes,
  • Using or disclosing information in ways compatible with this policy,
  • Endeavouring to keep personal and sensitive data safe, secure, accurate, complete and up-to-date,
  • Seeking a level of data that is adequate, relevant and not excessive for the purposed of representing commissioned officers within the C&A Scheme under the scope of representation,
  • Retaining data for no longer than necessary for its intended purposes and suitably archived to reflect retired or resigned membership status or record the outcomes of the C&A process,
  • And upon written request and where the confidentially of the C&A process permits the Data Controller provide data subjects with details of their personal data.

The full RACO Data Protection and Privacy Policy is attached below.

Consent & Legal Basis to Retain, Process & Communicate with Members

A vital part of GDPR compliance is data subject's consent and while members would have provided consent whilst applying to join RACO we are required to inform members of their right to withdraw their consent at any time. Naturally we would expect members to continue to provide their consent (to retain personal data and communicate directly by email) but if you wish to withdraw your consent at anytime or have concerns about the attached policy ,please feel free to contact us.


RACO Data Policy

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