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RACO commenced publishing* SIGNAL magazine in a newspaper format in the early 1990's. The publication was redesigned in its current magazine format in 2002. The magazine is designed to act as a forum by which Defence Forces issues, particularly those affecting managerial ranks, can be projected and discussed in the public domain by members. The magazine focuses on comment from Government Ministers, Chiefs of Staff, senior civil servants as well as independent and incisive comment by former and serving officers, renowned academic and media commentators.

SIGNAL is copied to all the members of RACO, the Oireachtas, Irish MEPs, Military Áttaches attached to Ireland, public and academic libraries as well as many other organisations within Ireland and Europe. As well as producing the magazine hard copy, EU Publishing also provides an online version with past articles broken down into the various categories of interviews, politics and security. To use this version just click on the following link;

Just click on the images below to open a digitial reader version of the latest issues of Signal magazine.   

Any public library or interested party wishing to receive copies of SIGNAL can forward requests to RACO at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*SIGNAL is published on behalf of RACO by EU Publishing, Dublin.

To read the latest edition of Signal just click on images below. 

Cover Winter 2017 Summer 7 Cover Signal Cover Winter 16 Resize
Vol 15 Issue 2
Winter 2017 
Vol 15 Issue 1
Summer 2017
Vol. 14 Issue 2 
Winter 2016
Vol. 14 Issue 1
Summer 2016
Vol. 13 Issue 2
Winter 2015
Vol. 13 Issue 1
Summer 2015
Vol. 12 Issue 4
Winter 2014

Vol 12 Issue 2 Spring 2014

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